Elementary Student Assistance Program
Mission Statement: eSAP is a collaborative team approach between school and home to identify resources for students experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioral barriers to their learning.
Pine Road's eSAP School Team
Sharon Franciosa, Administrator
Alicia Demko, Aldersgate Liaison
Hanne Laursen, 3-5 School Counselor
Shannon Dallahan, K-2 School Counselor
Sharon Seefried, School Nurse
Tina Mollett, School Psychologist
Jen McGuigan, IST Specialist and Math Specialist
Maureen Cebular, Emotional Support Teacher 
Ellen Zschunke, School Librarian 
  • Behavior
  • Family Issues: divorce, grief, substance abuse, trauma, abuse, others
  • Mental/Emotional Health
  • Motivation 
Who Can Make a Referral?
  • Parent/Guardian
  • School Personnel
  • Self-Referral
What to look for to initiate a referral:
  • Excessively tired appearance
  • Expressions of anger or sadness
  • Loss of interest in academic and extra-curricular activites
  • Sudden changes in: appearance, attendance, behavior, grades, social interactions 
How to make a referral:
  • Contact a team member
Following a referral:
  • The student's parents are contacted with a consent form and questionnaire.
If consent is granted: 
  • Data is collected from school personnel and parents
  • Interventions are suggested at a team meeting with parents.
  • Interventions may include: reference to community resources or school based skill building groups
PA Network for Student Assistance Services
eSAP is:
  • An identification program
  • An intervention program
  • A referral program
eSAP is NOT:
  • A counseling program
  • A treatment program
  • A discipline intervention