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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Julien Drennan
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

District Administration Offices

2551 Murray Avenue • Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

215-938-0272 • 215-947-6933 fax


The district works to establish an optimum learning environment for all grade levels ensuring that assigned school programs and activities conform to federal, state and school district guidelines. 
As a District, we:
  • plan the improvement and enhancement of the curriculum and instructional practices.
  • evaluate the appropriateness of the curriculum, interpret research data and cultivate best practices in instruction.
  • conduct classroom visits and walk through visits to monitor the implementation of the curriculum, quality of instruction and facilitation of assessment programs. 

 The Director of Curriculum and Instruction:

  • coordinates professional development and in-service education, district-wide, aligning the needs to support growth in the instructional program.
  • monitors and evaluates all instructional programs in consultation with district Principals.
  • focuses on student achievement data for future planning.
  • arranges time, facilities and materials for curriculum development and implementation. 
The role of the Director is to stimulate critical conversation, mobilize district resources, 
coordinate the elements of curriculum and instructional practices and oversee their systematic
renewal with a keen focus on student achievement.  Additionally, in accordance with the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction manages Federal Programs:
  • Title I, Reading and Math
  • Title II, Professional Development
  • Title III, English Language Learners 

For more information, access the links to the left for:

  • Academic Standards
  • An Explanation of the Curriculum Cycle
  • Instructional Framework
  • School Performance Profile


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