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Monday, January 23, 2017

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Facilities Commitee Update

The School District commenced a Facilities Study on April 4, 2012.  It employed the Breslin Ridyard Fadero Architects, to perform several facilities related tasks and to accomplish a task in teamwork with the Township.  The Township is funding the last item, although it may benefit the entire community. The Breslin firm is renowned for its excellence in educational and school projects and their work in completing meaningful supporting studies.


The demographics are being evaluated, because it provides the future size of the student population, and it drives the needs for facilities.  This task has changed quite a bit, due the economy and the effects of a recovery.  The Architect and engineers visited the school buildings on April 24 to evaluate how well we can absorb future growth.  It also focused on the condition of the existing facilities and used a great deal of input from our Facilities Department and each school’s principal.  The plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems were reviewed for continued reliability, maintenance needs and improvements.  The engineers are continuing to evaluate the data they collected and will compile a list of recommended projects to meet our future needs.  The list will contain scope of work, costs, and a priority.  The Martin Company has been working with the school district to evaluate how to improve its contracts for maintenance services.  More emphasis will be placed on “performance” type contracting.  Analysis and evaluation of the playing fields also commenced on April 24.  Soil samples were taken to determine what is required to improve the grass playing surface of the fields.  A synthetic surface playing field is also being considered.  The Township has joined the School District in reviewing athletic fields, and we are working together on a portion of the total study for providing shared recreational and athletic facilities.


The Architect, School District and Township will be meeting in the next few weeks as the drawings, documents and cost estimates are prepared.  An update will be provided in two weeks on the progress completing and presenting the final facilities study.


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